Yuba River Moulding & Milwork Incorporated



Listed below are some of the qualifications of Yuba River Moulding & Millwork, Inc.:

  • Ponderosa and Sugar Pine
  • Radiata Pine
  • MDF Mouldings
  • Lineal Mouldings
  • Finger Joint Raw Mouldings
  • Finger Joint & Primed Mouldings
  • Solid Cut to Length Items
  • Small & Large Moulding Products
  • Print Grade Substrate
  • Vinyl Grade
  • Window Parts
  • Frames & Jambs
  • Edge Glued Items
  • Mitering
  • Bar Coding

Supplier sites for MSDS sheets:

In order to be able to satisfy individual customer’s needs on profiles, we follow this simple process:

  • We will match CAD Drawings with exact dimensions (or sample) with our computerized system and then submit for customer approval.

Yuba River Moulding and Millwork, Inc. will be happy to quote your specific needs. If you have a particular profile or profiles you would like quoted, please do not hesitate to contact us.